Precision medicine in Evaluating Patient with Diastolic Dysfunction

2019/09/16 22:24:13
Precision medicine in Evaluating Patient with Diastolic Dysfunction

Take home messages in “Risk Score in Diagnosis”

1. HFpEF often overlooked, more prevalence, heterogenity
2. Risk score for diagnosis HFpEF :
- H2FPEF score : clinical + echo
- PEFF algorithm : stepwise approach
3. Search for etiologies ; aTTR amyloidosis

Take home messages in “Echocardiography and Other modalities”

4. Echocardiographic assessment of diastolic function is essential in patients presenting with dyspnea or HFpEF.
5. Comprehensive assessment is recommended, but make it simple for daily clinical practice.
6. Interpretation and impact on management should be considered with clinical data in an individual patient.

Take home messages in “After Diagnosis Complexity, Any Change in Management?”

7. Comorbities in HFpEF : Treat according to guidelines
- HTN, DM, renal dysfunction, sleep apnea, anemia
8. Optimize diuretics use – flexiblenregimen, avoid overdiuresis
9. Avoid nitrates
10. Treat ischemia and control of heart rate.
11. Don’t miss constrictive pericarditis and restrictive cardiomyopathy.
12. Find an excuse to give spironolactone.